Fujitsu India has launched Fujitsu100, a comprehensive program aimed at equipping B-school students with the skills they need to succeed in the future. 


We were approached because of our reputation as an advertising agency and our knowledge of internet marketing. We were tasked to create the program’s website,, which offers an interactive and informative platform for students to register and join the program. Designed with simplicity and appeal in mind, the website provides in-depth details on Fujitsu100 while sticking to Fujitsu’s brand guidelines.


The Fujitsu team was thrilled with the website, praising its ease of navigation and engaging visual design.


In May 2020, the Embassy of India in Argentina approached us during the pandemic. The embassy was unable to host its annual International Yoga Day event offline and sought to create an online presence to host it instead. Social Tantra was approached to create a marketing strategy as well as for email marketing. We were tasked with building a website from scratch, starting with The website was designed to be interactive and informative, featuring the schedule of events and highlights from previous celebrations.

To raise awareness and increase participation, we promoted the upcoming events on social media platforms, reaching over 200,000 people and driving 50,000+ website visits in just 20 days. 

Our promotional content, including edited video content, was well-received by the embassy staff and H.E. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia, the ambassador. 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we were grateful to help spread peace and positivity on International Yoga Day 2020. 


Social Media Creative, Content and Boosting

To create a concrete social media presence, video content is quite essential. We edited and created the videos as well for the promotion of the online events.


Social Tantra created original promotional video content for events organized by HT Mint, the sister brand of Hindustan Times in India. Our team created a marketing plan and leveraged their expertise in video production to craft compelling, high-quality videos that effectively showcased the events and generated excitement among the target audience. Through the use of engaging visuals and storytelling techniques, we helped HT Mint build brand awareness, finetune their SEO service and drive event attendance. The original promotional videos created by Social Tantra played a crucial role in the success of HT Mint’s events.


Social Tantra provided online media management as well as online advertising for the classic and beloved automobile brand, Jawa Yezdi, at its Ghaziabad sector. Our team developed and executed a comprehensive digital strategy, leveraging social media and other online channels to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales. 


Through effective content creation, peerless direct marketing, community management, and strategic partnerships, we helped Jawa Yezdi reach its target audience and promote its latest products and initiatives. With our support, Jawa Yezdi was able to successfully connect with its loyal fans and attract new customers, reinforcing its position as a trusted and beloved brand in the Indian automobile market.

Socail Media COntent


We acquired the online media management of the classic brand by our subtle yet innovative approach towards the already set legacy of the brand. And with this we entered the Automotive Industry. We’ve worked to take it to the younger masses with our modernized touch in its advertising.

Socail Media COntent